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Fireplaces in Marble and Sandstone
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Help : How to Get Product Details & Prices

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  1. Welcome! Thanks for showing interest in our products. We assure you finest quality and services best to your satisfaction.
  2. Every Product is individually designed and crafted by master craftsman. It can be customized to suite/fulfil your requirements.
  3. To decide to buy you will need to know prices, sizes, finishes and materials, kindly follow these steps to get complete details.
  4. We have a simple, powerful automatic enquiry system. It gives you all details Immediately on your email address.

How To Get Product Details and Prices

  1. Each product picture has a respective button `Add to Enquiry` above or below the photo.
  2. When you click this button. This product gets selected and added to a list of enquiry in right hand side of the computer screen. Kindly scroll a little up or down and look at the right handside edge of screen.
  3. You can add many products to this list by clicking respective `Add to Enquiry` button.
  4. You can also add any product from any section on our website.
  5. Once you have selected all the products you wish to enquire. you are ready to go to next step.
  6. There is a link on right handside of screen `Send Enquiry` click this. Kindly scroll a little up or down to see this link on right handside edge of screen.
  7. You will be presented with a form where you need to provide your email address.
  8. All the details you need will be sent to you on your email address immediately.
  9. Kindly provide your name, email address and other optional details. Kindly double check the email address spellings, because the reply email with details will be sent to you on the email address you provided.
  10. Our enquiry system will Immediately prepare and send an email with every detail you need for the selected products.

Product Details

  1. The email which you get has following details.
  2. Product Sizes / Dimension
  3. Materials / Woods / Marbles
  4. Finishes / Polishes
  5. Product Prices in Indian Rupees and for overseas customers prices in US$
  6. Options for smaller and bigger sizes
  7. Manufacturing time
  8. Transportation ( Shipping ) time and charges for India and overseas
  9. More Photos / with detailed view and various angles of the products.
  10. Packing Information and charges
  11. We hope that above information helps you in deciding to buy and if you like all the details, you can contact us / reply us back on our email.
  12. It is highly recommneded to read FAQs here. and here
*Each Natural stone, and therefore each tile / slab / product / floor, is unique in character, and variation must be expected. All tile sizes and thickness are an approximatation only and all tiles will vary in colour, tone, marking and texture from those shown in the website / brochure or from samples received

We Sell and Ship Worldwide By Sea and Air.

We Accept All Credit & Debit Cards.

Information for Buyers Making Online Purchase

Information for Buyers Making Online Purchase

Shipping & Transportation Information

For customers In India :-

All The product which you purchase will be delivered free of charge any where in India. Time required for the delivery in India would be 4-6 working days.

Delays: We will not be liable for any delay of purchased goods due to courier / cargo company, flood, fire, wars, or any cause that is beyond our control. We use Gati, Relogistic, BlueDart and other renowned Courier Company for the delivery of the products.

We Welcome you to present our products as gifts to your family, friends, near & dear ones. for this You can send your personalized message/greetings along with your gifts. Just email us details and we will be pleased to do this.

For Our International customers :-

We can Ship & deliver your products through following modes..

By UPS, DHL, FEDEX, TNT Courier for air ship.

By Sea Freight (delivery to your Nearest Custom warehouse)

We can also deliver the products to your friend or relatives staying in India who might be coming to your place.

For shipping by sea (delivery to your Nearest Custom warehouse) Kindly provide us following details.

Your Name

Shipping Address

Area Zip Code

Your contact number

Your email Id

Your preferred port of delivery

Note : After receiving above all details, we will get the quote from the shipping company and would reply you in 2 / 3 working days.

For shipping by Air courier, Air cargo is charged by weight so Kindly give us 2-3 days to get the current air freight quotation for the products.

Cubic Meter (CBM) or volumetric weight information will be calculated & provided after the ordered product is packed .

The lead time for delivery by Air Courier :-

5-7 working days.

Sea Shipment :-

45-50 days.

Shipping & Delays: We will not be liable for any delay of purchased goods due to courier / cargo company, flood, fire, wars, or any cause that is beyond our control. We use renowned Courier air & sea shipping Companies for the delivery of the products; but delays are always possible.

Shipping charges & Taxes or duties on it would be paid by customer where ever applicable. When we quote sea shipping; then we can only quote till your city customware house. because the charges which belongs to Indian inland transportation, custom clearance, documents, handling and ocean shipping can be calculated here and paid here in India. But the charges which originates in your country can not be calculated here and can not be paid from here. so all the import duties , vat / taxes, custom charges, clearances, customer's local handling and transportations must be paid by customer.

When you want To purchase multiple products then shipping charges are less; so it is a good idea to ship multiple products by a single container. To combine product you have to send us the detail of all the products by email which products you want and also through which mode you want to ship it.

Once we have received all the details, we would provide you with complete information & quotation of the charges. We would email-update you each and every step from our side. We send work in progress pictures & the details like Fedex Tracking Number etc. So you can track the status of your shipment.

Packing / Stuffing Information

We pack products using following procedure.
  • Products can be in single piece [statues / silver furniture etc.] or in parts [pillars / fountains etc].
  • so products parts are numbered for assembly and packed individually.
  • First the product is covered with brown paper / corrugated sheets.
  • Then it is packed in thick bubble wrap and stuffed with paper scrape and thermocol / foam sheet is kept on all sides.
  • Then it is packed in wooden or ply box and iron striping is done on it.
  • Finally Name and address is written on this wooden box.
  • For Re-assembling of products follow the following steps.
  • Match and Join the parts of the products with its coding numbers given as 1,2,3 etc.

If you find any difficulty while assembling please contact us or email us at and we would give you reply in a day. ( Working days.)

Payment & Return Policy

Payment Policy

We accept following payment methods .

1. Master card

2. Visa Card

2.A Any Other Major Card

3. Net Banking


For any other mode of payment if you want to pay then contact us by emailing on

The exchange rates applicable would be as defined by BANKS / PAYPAL [As the payment method you choose].

Return & Damage Policy

We would only accept the return of the product if it is delivered in damage condition and Insurance company refused to clear claims. Please note that this is necessary that customer must claim to insurance company first. If insurance company refuse the claim then we are agree to replace the products. Please note that the shipping damages are beyond our control and the shipping risk is covered by Insurance company. so the first responsibility is of Insurance company.

On customize product, money return or refund would not be done. Product can be replaced by Mutual Agreement.

The return product should be sent to us in the same original condition and packing when you received it.

The charge of delivering return product to us would be borne by customer.

Because the products are custom made We do not refund money back. Products will be replaced or compesate with other selected product.

Inspection of Work in Progress orders

We Welcome you to come and inspect your customize products orders.

You can also ask your relatives or parents to come and visit our place for inspection of orders progress.

You can also ask your Buying agent to come and visit our place for inspection of orders progress.

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